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We manage your building projects so you can focus on your business’ success.

Who We Are

We are a Professional Construction Management Team committed to protecting you and your real estate investments. We understand that today’s world requires careful and willful use of strained resources to manage one’s own business, making it impossible to dedicate valuable resources to manage construction and development. Our work allows you to remain focused on what you do best. We are your “in house” construction management team. We are tasked with protecting your long term development goals. This includes establishing a budget, developing a strategic plan, selecting a project team of designers and constructors, liaising and coordinating with local authorities and city departments for a successful outcome.

Our Executive Team

Rory O’Connor

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Despite moving from Ireland to Kansas City in 1978, Rory maintains a fine Irish brogue and is often heard making the statement “Lad, It ‘will be Grand” as challenges are faced head on and resolved. Rory received an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from UMKC and a Masters in Civil Engineering from Stanford University. He has been active in the building industry since his arrival more recently serving as Chairman of the Builder’s Association in 2010.

Rory is the rudder on the ship that is Grand Construction overseeing all aspects of our projects and business regardless of client and scope of building. He is a master at building lasting relationships and takes a continually active role in the local community both professionally and personally. Rory is married, and has four fantastic and gifted children. He is an avid fan of British Sports cars (he owns a 1972 MGB) and sports in general, including rugby (pronounced roog-bee), soccer and football.

Chris Doyle

Senior Project Manager
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Chris is a numbers man without precedent. He can tell you how many projects he has personally managed, what their square footage totals are, how many were negotiated and how many were bid and lastly what type of projects each one was. Chris is passionate about his projects and takes personal pride in doing the right thing and keeping his customers satisfied throughout the process.

Chris received a degree in Construction Science and Management from Kansas State University; he is married with two beautiful daughters, and a dog that he maintains ‘provides balance’ in the Doyle household. He has received several accolades on projects including AGC Project of the Year, DBIA Best Design Build Project over $15 million of the Year and Excellence in Concrete awards. He is an accomplished whistler and music man.